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fellows with lupus

I went to New Jersey from VA to live and go to school and to get away from my mom. I was sick the whole time, lumps on my neck and stuff, delirium, but of course I was 20 years old I was fucking going to Jersey so I went and drove the 800 miles or so anyway.

I was very ill and throwing up blood. I had noone to help me so I just dealt with it for about a week. i slept way to much and ate motrin all day for intense headaches i got due to the sunshine in Jersey.Finally it was just entirely too much and I crawled down stairs and got a ride to Jersey Shore Medical Center.

I had a fever of 105.5 and I had that fever for over a week. They admitted me for the next 30 DAYS.

Then my feet stopped working and I was in incredible pain. All this happened on my 21st birthday, by the way. No pain killers would help except oxycontin. They let me go home. I got sick again, I had a stroke this time from the prednisone and excessive working me to death by my NJ family. I just started pouring milk allover the floor and I lost it, i couldnt clean it up and i didnt know what I was doing. it was hell.

They took me to the hosptial and the hospital (who still did not even know i had lupus!) gave me a spinal tap and admitted me again for another damn month. I lost 70 lbs. My muscles are gone, the left side of my body did no twork I had to go to physical therapy. My mom drove all the way to NJ to take care of me. i could not use the bathroom by myself. She had to wash and help me to the bathroom because I could not walk. I could barely talk, my mom was in NJ for a week before I even realized she was in the room. She was really worried. They did a kidney biopsy and finally they knew what was wrong with me. Thank god my mother had health insurance, i ran up about 40,000 dollars worth of health insurance bills. They let me come home but they had to transport me by ambulance to a rehab center in VA near my home. My mom and dad came to visit me every day, it was very hard on both of them.
And here I am now, 70 lbs lighter, still a little weak, but I can walk, which is good.
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